Warehouse & Storage

Temporary storage is one of the preliminary logistical necessities; it allows customers to organize their business and transportation or reshipping, whether it is across the world or within a country, with low costs and high flexibility. This gives them the satisfaction to move ahead without stressing about rent and ambiguity.

Global logistics provides all kinds of temporary and long-term storage within its warehouses for companies and individuals. We ensure space allocation according to each client’s needs. Here we pack each type of good with special packaging techniques, such as for decorative pieces, furniture, electronic gadgets, pianos or any other musical instruments, glass, antiques, ceramics, and other possible materials.

We also offer this service for commercial products, building materials, and industrial equipment within the Columbia region and also abroad on customer request.

At Global Logistic & Shipping, we secure your property by storing it in safe and secured warehouses that have various types of storage methods that are applied according to your requests and budget. There is no time limitation; you can choose according to your own needs.

Safety Needs during Storage:

  • Sorting of materials according to their nature and importance
  • Writing detailed instructions on packages and storing them in their homogeneity storage
  • Organizing the materials on shelves and meta terraces to save them from degradation
  • We don’t allow our workers to go to storage areas with smoking material.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations that have been made between customers and the company.
  • Furniture and hazardous materials are placed in spate places.