Air Cargo

Global Logistic & Shipping ensures you can handle your air freight shipments, both export, and import, due to its wide range of access. Many airlines operate flights in Columbia, which means you’re lucky to choose from a wide range of services for your products. However, the cost and speed may vary between carriers. Due to our years of experience and knowledgeable partners, we ensure that we offer the most efficient services to fulfill your needs.

At Global Logistic & Shipping, one of the air companies is always available 24/7 to offer multiple services. We negotiate a trustworthy agreement to secure your business.

Global Logistic & Shipping can deliver your products to all towns, cities, countries, and continents. All of our carriers offer easy access to competitive rates and flexibility in space allocations. With our updated tracking system, our customers get complete visibility throughout all the moves of our carriers.

Air Cargo Services Highlights

  • Efficient handling
  • Temperature-controlled containers
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Precious and sensitive goods
  • Heavy-weight material
  • Sea-air, air-sea, and air-air services
  • Ready for the next flight
  • Storage on confirmed bookings
  • Space allocations
  • Follow up through the tracking system.
  • Export/import consolidation
  • Detailed logistic and shipping programs