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We Assure Dependable Worldwide Expedited, Custom Clearance, and Warehousing Services in Columbia.

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GLC (GLOBAL LOGISTICS & SHIPPINGS COMPANY) ESTABLISHED IN 2014 BASE IN DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. We hand down fast and safe worldwide transportation and logistics solutions that ensure the best end-to-end transportation services. With courteousness, going the extra mile, and an instant reply, we fulfill all your freight and shipping needs to reduce your pressure. We rely on trustworthy professionals who thrive in time-critical freight situations by solving supply chain problems promptly and precisely. We deliver a broad range of shipping services that ensure our customers’ packages get to the right place at the right time, and in the right hands.

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Proper Planning

We ask relevant questions to know everything about the freight you’re transferring, how to load and offload, timing deadlines, and special requests. You’re prepared for fast and safe shipping success because we plan things with the same seriousness as we do expedited goods delivery.

Freedom of Choice

Our customers know the value of a shipment that reaches them in 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours, so we give you the freedom to choose from the possible options that we offer. This allows you to make your business decisions most accurately based on need, speed, and cost.

Get Rid of the Uncertainty

We don’t have any hidden issues that become apparent after the fact. We discuss and explain what our fast and safe global Logistic & Shipping services contain and what the sender or receiver can anticipate. We ensure a realistic service and schedule so that your customer and supplier have all the knowledge needed to make plans.

Partnership Approach

Our objectives are as straightforward as they are common: we want to fulfill our promises to you and make sure that your expectations will be satisfied in most cases. While we cannot completely prevent traffic jams during rush hour, inclement weather, or airport delays, we can always try to steer clear of these situations. We succeed only when our clients thrive.

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"Communication was best from the time I got the quote until they dropped off! Everything was done nicely! Fast, reliable, and easy procedure! I extremely recommend Global Logistic and Shipping services and will use them again in the future."

Gray M.

"Great experience using these fast and safe services. This was my very first experience transporting a motorcycle using their services. Pick up the things earlier, and delivery was earlier than expected. Quick, fast, easy, and problem-free services."

Patrick G.

"Excellent, continuous communication. They act in accordance with their words and truly believe what they say. Anything I speed up is definitely sped up. I intend to use them in the future when my customer requires something quickly. Depending on the source, within the same day or, at the very least, the next day. excellent service"

Trey Dugal

"I work with an industry that has professionals all over the world. Time is money, so I use these fast and safe Global Logistic & Shipping services. Everything was nicely done on time, and there was no ambiguity in the whole process. They complete the job beyond my expectations."

Matthew Kuzma